Property Portal                  Kinnisvarakeskkond OÜ, Reg. No. 14309652; registered address at Parda 6, Tallinn 10151.

Website                            www.kinnisvara24.ee and its associated pages.

General Terms and Conditions      these rules governing use of the Website, plus special agreements concluded between the Property Portal and the User.

User                                 the Ordinary User, Registered User or Corporate User, respectively.

Ordinary User                    a user with limited access to the Website and Services without having to set up a user account. The rights and obligations of a Registered User do not apply to Ordinary Users.

Registered User                 a user with access to the Website and Services through a personalised user account. The rights and obligations of an Ordinary User apply to Registered Users.

Corporate User                  a user with access to the Website and Services through personalised user accounts created for designated individuals by mutual agreement between the Corporate User and the Property Portal. The rights and obligations of a Registered User and an Ordinary User apply to Corporate Users and their related user accounts, insofar as those rights and obligations are not in conflict with the agreement between the Corporate User and the Property Portal; a Corporate User is also subject to the rights and obligations under the agreement between the Corporate User and the Property Portal.

Agreement                        a transaction between a User and the Property Portal for the use of the Website and Services.

Services                           the features (free or paid) offered to all Users by the Property Portal, enabling Users to publish, obtain or share Content; prepare transactions and conclude agreements with other users; submit and receive enquiries, applications, declarations, offers and assessments to and from other Users; perform searches or verifications; store data, etc.

Software                           a computer programme used for the purpose of conducting searches of the Website and related data using various parameters; obtaining and storing data; making the data in the database available to users; and for other dataprocessing operations and operations necessary for the functioning of the Website.

Content                            information, materials, data, Works etc. uploaded by Users or by the Property Portal to the Website.

Database                          a dataset managed by the Property Portal into which Users can enter information and submit queries to obtain information entered by other Users of the Property Portal.

Works                               written texts, photographic, audio or video works and any other works created in a similar way; slides, illustrations, etc. subject to copyright.

until the expiry of legal claims or the lapse of the period for keeping a legal document (7 years under the Value Added Tax Act and the Accounting Act).


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